Food challenge, challenge #2

A challenge is something important, when I am in my gym I always see the challenge of the week. A thing I really like, that is why I started making my own fit challenges, last month with planking, this month with food things. You can do it with whatever you want, and when you reach your challenges it is awesome. It keeps you motivated to get closer to your goals. Let’s make life a big challenge, one which we can rock! 

Challenges on daily base:

40 grams dark chocolate and 10 nuts
Less fruit
Drinking more water/green tea/fruit water
Eating less kcal
Walking 10.000 staps

Challenges on weekly base:

Taking a hot bath like 2 times a week
Learning to eat spicy food


Dark chocolate and nuts

In dark chocolate and nuts, you find fats which are very good for you. This helps you to lose weight and it is a delicious snack. The best you can choose dark chocolate with 70% or more cacao and unburned/raw nuts without salt or other adds.

Less fruit

I’m the type of person who loves sweet things. Instead of sweets, I eat a lot of fruit, but fruit contains also much sugar. This sugar is better, but still not very good. Next, to that much fruit contains very many calories. For example, when I eat grapes I eat half of the box and that are like 200 calories, which is a lot. The same is with pineapples and mangos when I eat it, I eat way too much of it.

Drinking more

When you drink more you fill your tummy with water and you have to eat less for a filled feeling. This is great, but to get fewer calories you need to drink drinks with fewer calories. Green tea and hot citron water are great because it contains fewer calories, green tea nothing and hot citron water (made with half a citron) contains 12 calories, but the best thing is it burns fat. You drink it and without doing anything it burns your fat away and stills hunger.

Eating fewer calories

To lose weight you need to eat fewer calories. Eating 250 (or more) calories on a day less than you need helps you to lose weight. During the weekend I have to focus more on this because the last time I eat all my saved calories on the weekend why I didn’t lose any weight at all after the weekend. Bad thing!

Walking 10.000 steps

Walking more on a daily base is very good and it helps you burn calories. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and walk a bit instead of taking the bus for a small distance. An app which helped me to get motivated is StepsApp, which tells you how many calories you have burned during the day with walking. 10000 steps are like 300 calories for me, which is a lot.

Taking a hot bath

Did you know taking a relaxing hot bath for like hour burns as many calories as walking for half on out? Enough reasons to take a hot bath more because relaxing is very good for you and it is a lazy way to burn calories.

Eating spicier

I hate spicy food, but it has many benefits for a healthy life. It contains much vitamin C and it helps to lose weight. You eat less because you are eating slower, which means you are consuming fewer calories. Next, to that, it gives a boost to your tummy to work harder. But it also makes your body temperature higher and this helps you to burn 10% more calories. Enough reasons for me to start loving spicy food, this challenge is the hardest I guess.

About the plank challenge

6 minutes planking is very hard and I got a cold so breathing was harder. I didn’t make it to 6 minutes, but with more training, I will make it. Next month I want to plank 6 full minutes, so let’s do it. 5 minutes was the maximum this month, so I have to improve it with one more minute.

Anyone interested in joining me with my challenges? Let me know in the comments!


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10.000 stappen vind ik echt een uitdaging om te halen met kantoorwerk!


I didn’t not know you would burn so many calories when you take a warm bath! When I have the choose between the two, I know the answer