Cheat days, good or nah?

A cheat day, we know it all. The one day you can eat everything you want. But is this really good for you? Can you really eat everything you want and still losing weight? You are at the point of reading my opinion about those days.

Fast food and chocolate cakes

You have one cheat day a week, when you are on a diet. On this day you can eat everything you want, fast food, chocolate pie, name it and you can eat it. But during your diet you try, for example, to eat 300 kcal less than you should eat. This saves 1800 kcal a week, which is a lot, but you can eat all of your saved kcal in just one cheat day. You have to watch out for this because we don’t want to diet the whole week diet for nothing.

Gaining weight

When you see your weight after the cheat day it can be higher than before even if you didn’t eat that much calories. Most people eat salt food during their cheat day, like crips, fries, pizza and go on. When you eat this, you body holds more liquid than normal, so your weight will be higher than before. Don’t worry, when you try to eat less salty after your treat day you will see the weight disappears.

Chocolate not only on a cheat day

I am a chocolate lover, no doubt about that, but eating chocolate is not even that bad. Did you know you can lose weight by eating chocolate daily? You need to eat chocolate with at least 72% cacao, so the dark chocolate lovers under us are luckier than the other chocolate lovers, but you can eat chocolate to lose some weight. Don’t eat too much because chocolate contains much calories when you eat too much. When you eat daily 40 grams dark chocolate for 2 weeks this can have a great effect on your metabolism. Well why don’t we all start today with this “challenge”.

Me and cheat days

If it was posible I won’t take cheat days, but sometimes we have to take one. For example when you go on a holiday you need to eat the food they have there, or sometimes you want to hang out with friends. Saying “no” all the time is not what I want because I love to spend time with my friends. When I have a cheat day I want to walk as much as possible so I burn calories with that. On a vacation this is easy for me, because I don’t like to do nothing. I am not a fast food lover, only pizza and pasta, but I can also live without, so a treat day is basically only a treat day when I am out of town and not in the position to make my own food.

How do you spend your cheat days? What is your favourite food during this days? Let me know!!


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Wat een goede tip! Ik heb nu nog iets te veel ‘cheat’ momenten. Zou dit idd moeten beperken tot 1 dag per week!


Interesting. For me I allowed myself a bit more during the weekends, but Eaton healty is most of the time delicious.

nicole orriens

Als ik op andere momenten een cheat day heb, dan voel ik me er ook schuldig over. Het leuke van een cheat day is dat het dan mag.

Claudia Struijck

Meestal in het weekend geniet ik van cheatdays. Dus lekker kaasje, glaasje wijn een bitterbal. Het gaat in mijn ogen allemaal om balans.

nicole orriens

I love cheat days. I think they’re they key to be able to stay away from snacks during the week.

Marion Stam

De foto’s zijn prachtig


I think it’s okay to have a cheat day, as long as je enjoy your snacks


Ik doe eens in de maand aan een cheat day. Niet echt dat je het een cheat day kan noemen omdat ik toch altijd ongezond eet, but okay. Op die dag eet ik nog ongezonder.