The best booty exercises to do at home

Having a good and round booty is for most girls very important. One of the things women train the most is the booty. During my workout plans, I also train my booty, since this is also very important to me. When you cannot go to the gym these exercises is a great one you can do at home. Grab a yoga mat and do these things on the kitchen floor or in the garden. Planking 6 benefits of planking It is easy Lie down on your belly, place your elbows under your shoulders and place your toes on the floor. Push your upper body and legs from the ground. Make sure your body is in a straight line and you are already planking. The hard part is to do this a minute or even more. You can do it everywhere You don’t need the gym to plank, this makes it… View Post

The secret of a baby soft skin

A soft skin, do not we all want that? The winter makes your skin dry, but the sun also. My legs are now completely dry by the sun, fortunately, I have found a solution for this and this solution provides a baby soft skin. Baby oil Coincidentally hey, baby oil that makes for a baby soft skin. The title may have already been explained, but the oil seriously does wonders for every skin and not just that of the baby. After showering, apply yourself with a nice layer of baby oil, let it dry a little and then put on your clothes. I prefer to apply it twice a day. My legs are really dry at the moment and I like all the dresses I wear during my internship when I have nice legs. Baby oil helps me very well with this. And it also smells very nice, if you like… View Post

This is what motivated me the last time

The last time I shared everything that motivated me a few years ago, I want to pick up the thread again and share my inspirations more often. Healthy food Eating healthy is very important, but it is sometimes difficult to really stick to it, which is why I share some tasty photos that show that healthy eating can also look delicious. So good that you secretly want to dive into the kitchen to make it. Go to the gym Healthy eating is one thing, but exercise is also very important. Now that I am doing an internship five days a week, being on a tropical island, being on the beach every week and going out a lot, this is very important to me. Yet it is sometimes so difficult to find meaning and time to really go, so I often seek motivation not to think of an excuse. Motivation quotes… View Post

HOTSPOT | Beachclub Koko’s in Jan Thiel

Relax at the beach, eat something, drink in your hand. The ultimate holiday feeling, this is what you get at Koko’s. Luxury beach beds to lie on and a sea to swim in swim. Koko’s delicious food, drink and good to relax On the pictures above you can already see why you get a wonderful tropical feeling at this tent. Palm trees, beach, sea, nets in trees that gives shade, just wonderful. For swimming you have to go down a pebble beach, at Zanzibar you go a bit easier into the water to swim, but it is also more crowded than here. To make the tropical feeling even more complete, there are various tropical dishes on the menu, so you can order a coconut, a fruit salad in a pineapple, tropical cocktails, but also enough sandwiches and other food. Bitterballen can not be found here on the menu, that is… View Post

Business casual outfit inspiration

During my internship I have to look businesslike, I call it business, here they call it business casual. It can be quite difficult to create a nice business outfit and therefore I share some outfits that I like to wear. Black skirt with a white blouse Black and white is a combination that I find very beautiful. Last fall I bought the black skirt at Nikkie, the skirt is unfortunately no longer for sale, but this one is a great replacement. I really love the skirt and wear it both with a nice blouse and casual with a nice t-shirt. The white blouse I have is from Japan TKY, which unfortunately is not there anymore and due to the fact that they have few sales points, googling was difficult, but I do know that AW Essentials has a one which is similar to the one I am wearing. I wear my black Isabel… View Post