28 Day plank challenge

28 day plank challenge

Planking is a great way to workout, but it is also very hard. To improve myself I made a schemeĀ for the next 28 days. In each field, you can see how long you have to plank, starting with one minute and building it up to 6 minutes.

This challenge will take at least 6 minutes of your day, how easy?

If you want to know everything about planking and other booty exercises you can do at home, make sure you read this post.

Why this plank challenge

Sometimes a challenge can be fun, it is important to challenge yourself and make a goal you want to reach. Reaching a goal in one day is not possible or when it is, your goal was not a difficult one. In 28 days I wish to plank 6 times the time I can plank now! That is quite a lot more. I chose for a plank challenge because planking is very good for your body and it is also very hard to do. You only do it with your body weight, but it still is very hard.

Why should you do this plank challenge?

Do you want to improve your planking skills than this is a great challenge for you. It will improve it for sure and you will work on a better plank every day. Every day you can see progress in yourself and every day you can be happy about that. It takes at least 6 minutes of your day, and then you are finished with this challenge. Your muscles will be stronger at the end of the 28 days and you can be proud of yourself. If 6 minutes is not a competition to you or is 1 minute way to less to start with, make your own personal scheme based on this scheme and it will follow. You will improve yourself with this challenge. Good luck!!

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