6 Little moments which show you you’re becoming fitter (outside the Gym)

When you sport a lot your body will change. You lose weight because your fat will disappear or you gain more muscles. Your condition improves and you can handle more weight in the gym, but these are not the only things which show you are becoming fitter. You are fit all day and not only in the gym, today I tell you how you see you are becoming fitter, with 6 things.

Walking the stairs

The first days I had to walk a lot of stairs in school it was a disaster. I was standing above and panting like a dog. When I bought a gym pass last winter and started working out more, it was also easier to walk the stairs. For example, when my boyfriend and I went to Paris, we walked the Eiffel Tower and it was not even hard for us. I never take the elevator because walking a stair is not hard for me anymore, so this is a win-win situation. you become fitter because you are fit.

Better sleep

The healthier the way your life, the better you sleep, they say. This is not only with eating clean but also with working out. But don’t work your ass off when you want to sleep in 3 hours because your body temperature will rise which is the reason why you can’t sleep immediately. You will see you sleep better by sporting at least 3 hours a week.

Running/biking to the rain is easier

Going to school with the train can cause some problems, when you are a late person, like me. I have to bike hard to get in time by my train, but since I go more to the gym I can bike harder and it is much easier to do for me. I can leave my home later to still have my train, yay! And you don’t have to pant like you run the whole marathon.

Prettier skin

I already told you food have to influence on your skin but also going to the gym helps. The more you sport the nicer the glow on your skin will be. You won’t see the difference when you go to the gym once, just like the other things, but if you have time you will see your skin become prettier.

Better immune system

When I got an injury I couldn’t sport for a long time and I wrote a blog about the things that changed for me. Having a cold like all the time was one of those things. When you sport you improve your immune system so let’s go to the gym and don’t have a cold this autumn and winter. Note: I don’t guarantee that you won’t get cold, but it will help.

Better position

When you have weak muscles in your back you will sit like a pudding, when you train your muscles you will sit like you have to sit. For this, you need to train all the muscles in your body and not only your booty and abs. You recognize a weak back my having back pain and/or sitting wrong all the time. Ask the guy in the gym which practice is good for you. Or just ask a handsome guy you see in the gym and play dumb like you don’t understand ;).

What do you recognize? Let me know in the comments!


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