9 Oatmeal recipes

Healthy chocolate peanut butter banana baked oatmeal

A bit different from the normal oatmeal we used to eat, but banana, peanut butter, and chocolate are always a good idea. And the best part is that it is healthy. Happy us, right? Check out this fab breakfast at Emily Eats.

Chai spiced chia overnight oats

A combination of two super foods with a chai flavor. Sounds perfect and healthy to me. And it also looks so good. The perfect thing about overnight oats is that you can make it the day before, so you don’t have to spend a long time in the kitchen for your breakfast. Read this recipe at flavor the moments

Protein-packed egg white oatmeal

After a good workout, like cardio, it is important to eat enough protein, so this breakfast can help you with that, but that means you need to workout on an empty or nearly empty stomach. It just looks so good that I think it is worth it to sport on an empty stomach. Egg white, sweet summer fruit, yum. Check it out on The Clean eating couple.

Strawberry vanilla overnight oats

Doesn’t this look so good to you? Vanilla, frozen strawberries, oats, and more delicious things. Also with this, make it the night before and you have more time in the morning, by the way, you cannot even make this in the morning because that’s not overnight oats, right? Read everything on Jenna Braddock.

Healthy snicker oatmeal

Doesn’t this sound delicious to you, a healthy snicker? Well, a snicker is one of the snacks I miss on my way to get fit, so a healthy oatmeal which tastes like it, is a big yay for me. It even looks so good. Get inspired at Bakerita.

Chai spiced vanilla egg white oatmeal

Another great combination of protein and things that are great together. I guess somebody is telling us that we need to eat something after cardio in the morning. Well, Lord, I am going to listen to you, because this sounds so delicious. Read all about it on Musley.

Coconut mocha oats

You know that tired feeling in the morning and you really need some caffeine? Well, these oats are great for that feeling, because it had caffeine in it. But also chocolate and coconut, these oats take a bit more time, because you need to make three layers. But it is worth it. Check it out at May I have that recipe?

Apple cinnamon stovetop oatmeal

I eat a variation of this almost every day, it tastes good and it is quickly done. Some of this recipe only Sugardish Me added a lot more spices to it, so it has a different taste. Let’s give her recipe a try and check it out.

Chunky money oatmeal

Who doesn’t love the combination of chocolate and banana? Well, that is why She Well made this recipe because everybody loves it. Of course, it has more than chocolate and banana, so go check it out.

Which is your favourite? 


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