A panther skirt look everybody is wearing now!

 Panther print look Panther print look Panther print look Panther print look Panther print lookLast week I went to Den Bosch and I wore these clothes, I didn’t know it was not creative at all. When I was in the city for like 15 minutes I saw a girl with exact the same clothes. Is my style really that regular? I don’t think so, black and panther are just an amazing combination. So, if you want to rock your panther look this winter, you SHOULD wear this combination too. 

My skirt

I bought my skirt at My-Jewellery. I like their clothes, but a panther skirt was a thing I had doubts about. When I went with my boyfriend to that store he told me to buy it, so I did and I am glad I did because I love the skirt now.

How I styled it

I styled my skirt with a regular black top from Nikkie and a leather jacket and my Isabel Marant sneakers. Very regular because after 15 minutes I already found my fashion twin, the only difference was the color of our shoes, I had the black ones and she the army green ones. I didn’t know my style was like that, so soon I make a look which is not that regular because I don’t want to be regular, haha.

Panther print is a winter must have

Panther is a print this season you need to have in your wardrobe, you can find it on everything. Shoes, skirts, dresses, fur coats, pants and much more. So, make sure you buy at least one item and your style will rock this winter. I really want a fake fur coat with panther print, because it looks so fabulous, make sure you don’t combine panther with panther, we want to be stylish.

What do you think about panther print? Do you own something?


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