Apple syrup and oatmeal, back again

A few weeks ago I received a message if I wanted to receive products that are out of our buying pattern, they had been forgotten. This sounded very exciting and that’s why I wanted to try it. The products that have been forgotten by us, the Dutch, are apple syrup and oatmeal.

Funniest comment about apple syrupAppelstroop en haverkorn

Recently I had a cracker with apple syrup at school when a teacher asked: “huh apple syrup, does that still exist?” I was slightly surprised that this question came. For years I eat apple syrup with all my love and when this package came with forgotten products I was secretly quite disappointed that the Netherlands sees this as a forgotten product. Apple syrup is super tasty and super healthy.

Apple syrup and oatmeal a delicious combinationAppelstroop en haverkorn

On the pictures you see an oat bread sandwich spread with a layer of apple syrup, this combination is super tasty, simple, quick to make and very healthy. Apple syrup contains a lot of iron and since many people have an iron deficiency in the Netherlands, I think we should eat apple syrup more. But with this bread, you can make bread so much more than a simple lunch.

You can make delicious snacks, something different than a toast, just cut some bread into pieces with some savory on it. On the website of SOMA (only in Dutch), you will find delicious recipes with oatmeal.Appelstroop en haverkorn

Even with apple syrup, you can do a lot more, because you can easily incorporate this into a healthy cake as a sweetener or as a sweetener in your oatmeal, something different than normal. What I really find a big advantage of apple syrup is that there is not that much kcal in it and you get some fruit and that still without added sugars.

What do you think? Do we have to put these products back in bulk or not?


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