Beach ready outfit and beach day

Beach lookBeach lookBeach lookBeach lookBeach lookBeach look

The weather was nice, so Eric and I decided to go to the beach with my dog. We had a nice beach walk and I had to take some pictures, it was not that hot, but it was ok not wearing a jacket for the pictures.

Pictures together with the dog

For the first time, I got my dog, who never listens, nice on a picture with me. Normally my dog cannot walk without a leash but this time it went ok, he didn’t run away like he normally does. But this was not the only thing why taking pictures together aren’t easy, he had to come to me and watch the camera. We needed much cookies and pictures for this to work, but we did it. Aren’t the pictures adorable? I also put one feeding picture on my blog, because the picture was nice enough, and we did it many times.

Mu look

I bought this shirt at My Jewellery. When I first went to the boutique in Den Bosch, I loved this shirt, but I didn’t buy it. When I was in Utrecht a few days later, I had to buy it, so I did. With Valentine’s Day, I wore this shirt for the first time, because it would be nice with all the hearts on it. I bought my jeans in September at Zara. I love these jeans and it wears so nice. Zara has nice jeans and especially for the money you need to pay for it. As details, I wear an Hermès belt, Tiffany and Co necklace and a shell anklet.

What we did at the beach

We started with walking over the beach, we walked very much, but we had fun and it was great. The weirdest thing we saw? Three men who were swimming naked. I mean, it was totally cold, the water had to be much colder. And there were many people, so why would you want so many people to see your dick?

I was not beach season yet, so we could drink anything at the beach itself, so we had a drink at the boulevard. We sat on a nice sport underneath a heater, so we had it warm, which was great after the beach walk. I can enjoy myself so much at the beach, we had a great day with the dog.

What do you think about my look? And do you also love going to the beach?

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