Blogger meeting #3 Utre

With my blogger friends we went to Utrecht and today I will tell you all about it. We had two meeting before, one in Amsterdam and one in Den Bosch. This time we discovered Utrecht.

Utrecht Oude Gracht

Utrecht is a city in the middle of the Netherlands, it is 10 minutes away from my house with the train, so really close. I also went to a private school in this city for 2 years. So I know it well.

The meeting

Closed Lush store Utrecht

We met around 11 o’clock on this Sunday, but we forgot to look at the opening hours of the stores, so we were in a quiet city with closed shops, lucky us, we always have fun with each other.

Group picture

We walked through the closed shopping streets and took some pictures. Some people always want to be the middle point, so here you see a big, sharp Tessa and small and unshare the others. But we love you anyways Tessa.

Lunchtime – Gys Utrecht

Mint teaBanana pancakesInside Gym Utrecht

For lunch, we went to Gys, a restaurant which is nice but located outside the center. So we had a walk before lunch. We started all with a drink and later we ordered. I can’t handle onion and garlic, but that kinda was a thing for the lunch so I ended up with banana pancakes. They tasted good, but it is better for breakfast and it was a bit less for lunch.

We also had some fries for the whole table, but the waiter dropped the sauce and it was all over Annemae’s jacket. They cleaned it good and we had a free drink from the house. Nothing’s wrong with that, right?

Shooting time

Some of us – like me – wanted pictures for a blog post. Last Sunday you could read about my outfit and we shoot the pictures this day. Today I am not going to share that pictures again because you can see it in the post about my My Jewellery Rosé sweater. But we also made some other pictures, which are nice enough to share, so here they come.

Shooting behind de sceneColour crossoverMe and Merle

We enjoyed us, I hope you enjoyed yourself reading this!! 

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