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This title sounds bad, I know, I wanted to know how they call this in How to lose a guy in 10 days, but they didn’t give it a name either, so I had thought about a name myself. Eric and I are almost a half year together, so more and more stuff is at his place and today I’ll show them, so you can see it :).

Half year together

On 6 February we are a half year together, the day before (5 February) my blog exists a year, so time for a party. That is why I will have a nice giveaway on the 6th. But today we are going to talk about the stuff at Eric’s instead of this giveaway.

Bathroom takeover  

When I am at Eric’s I don’t have to bring shower stuff with me. My toothbrush, shampoo, shower foam, mascara, contact stuff en much more is at his place. For 5 December he gave me massage oil and warm apple pie shower gel. De shower gel smells good, only not like Dutch apple pies. He bought also almond shower gel because it smells so good and we both love almonds.

Kitchen takeover

I love oatmeal and that is why Eric always has my favorite oatmeal ingredients. One apple, cinnamon and special Dutch herbs special for speculaas and a banana on top. I am not enough at his place to drink a liter milk so we use the little packages of Alpro soya, the right amount of milk for one cup oats. For 5 December he gave me this cute cup with a heart spoon, so I could eat my oats in style at his place. I love it.

Food takeover

At least I have much food at Eric’s place. I build a tower with Tony chocolate bars, just because I love them and I dumped it in his place. They are so good so when they are on sale or anything I have to buy them. Next, to that, I have my own apple syrup and crackers at his place and the baby cookies I love, because my tummy is a bitch and she doesn’t like most of the food, and these cookies are the only healthy cookies I can eat. And we have a lot of tea because I am a tea lover and I can drink it out my own Starbucks mug.

I also have clothes and underwear at his place, but this was not nice enough to show you and next to that I have to redo his whole closet and I didn’t want that so I didn’t take pictures.

What do you have at your boyfriend’s?

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