Business casual outfit inspiration

During my internship I have to look businesslike, I call it business, here they call it business casual. It can be quite difficult to create a nice business outfit and therefore I share some outfits that I like to wear.

Black skirt with a white blouse

Black and white is a combination that I find very beautiful. Last fall I bought the black skirt at Nikkie, the skirt is unfortunately no longer for sale, but this one is a great replacement. I really love the skirt and wear it both with a nice blouse and casual with a nice t-shirt. The white blouse I have is from Japan TKY, which unfortunately is not there anymore and due to the fact that they have few sales points, googling was difficult, but I do know that AW Essentials has a one which is similar to the one I am wearing. I wear my black Isabel Marant shoes here. Only this they found on stage not so appropriate, so you better choose pumps. As a small detail, I added green socks from Happy Socks.

Pencil skirt and ruffle blouse 

What is not business like a pencil skirt? I would not know. I must thank my dear neighbor for borrowing the skirt because he is not mine. The top itself is unfortunately no longer for sale, but to give you an idea of how the sleeve skirt is nice to style, I wanted to add it anyway. Unfortunately, I did not find a comparable blouse. The skirt is from the brand Jane Norman. But they said it is okay to wear these sandals of  Bata, so I’ll wear this shoes until Eric is here with my pumps. 

What do you wear asBusiness Casual?

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