Carbon Coco, does it really work?

A shiny smile through Carbon Coco, this is what I was promised when I got these products at home. I had to try that myself. I got a powder for the evening and a toothpaste for the morning and evening, and I also got a matching toothbrush.Carbon Coco

Black powder and toothpaste makes your teeth white?

When I first saw the toothpaste, my first thought was how can this black stuff makes my teeth white? But after using it a few days I started seeing a difference with before. Part by part they became whiter, firstly the biting part of the teeth and after that the other parts.Carbon Coco

Unfortunately, my dentist was right, my teeth couldn’t be whitened in one color, so also with this stuff you see like 50 shades of white at my teeth (ok, just kidding, not that much). When you suffer from this problem too, it is nice to try, but don’t expect to get a toothpaste smile.

Advantages and disadvantages of the toothpaste and powderCarbon Coco

Every product has good and bad points, and so are these. The black powder is a great tool to show where you normally put your white toothpaste. Normally you don’t see it, but because this is black you see it very good. After using this product, you want to clean your bathroom a lot more. A great thing, white right? Or not…

When you forgot to use the powder one day, you will see your teeth will be less white. It went so fast.

It is a cheap whiting for your teeth. When the dentist does it for you, you need to pay a lot more and it is not always natural, Carbon Coco is, but when you want a result which stays forever, you should continue using it. Stopping makes your teeth less white and it is not permanent. Also, there is no fluoride in the toothpaste, so it is possible that your teeth will be more sensitive to food and drinks.

My final conclusion

It really works to whiten your teeth fast and natural. It is not expensive, but also not a solution for the long term. When you want white teeth for the long term, you really should visit a specialist instead of using these products. For the short term, the products are great.Carbon Coco

* Carbon Coco has sent me these products for this article.


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