Hawaiian sun block, deliciously tropical

Applying sun block on yourself becomes a party with this sun block from Hawaiian. People thought that I made a joke about knowing this brand, but I really didn’t, shame. I love to use sun… View Post

Revlon foundation from makeupshoppen.nl

Online makeup shopping can be difficult, you don’t see the product so it is harder to make a good choice. Online makeup webshops are doing it great, also¬†makeupshoppen.nl. I could choose a foundation from their… View Post

Statement lipstick – Christian Louboutin

There are lipsticks and lipsticks, beauty and make-up enthusiasts know all about that. When I was in London I spotted a Christian Louboutin makeup shop and I could not help but fall in love with… View Post

Ziaja’s new acai berry line

An acai bowl, you can wake me up for it. That these tasty berries offer more than a nice bowl, was new to me. When Ziaja told me about the new line of acai berries… View Post

Carbon Coco, does it really work?

A shiny smile through Carbon Coco, this is what I was promised when I got these products at home. I had to try that myself. I got a powder for the evening and a toothpaste… View Post