I learned to let things go in my first month in Curacao, this is what.

Letting things go, I’m really bad at it. Yet I realized that certain things on this island are not possible. I had a choice, let them go and be happy here or focus me dead and not be happy. I decided to choose to let go, something I could not, but in the first 3 weeks I even succeeded and I am proud of that. 10,000 steps in 1 day without being able to walk If there is a country in the world where you can walk even worse than in Curacao, let me know. For myself, I would like to take 10,000 steps in a day, which I always updated with a pedometer on my mobile. The first thing I noticed when I landed on this island was that this new island girl will never reach 10,000 steps a day. They hardly know pavement and everyone does everything by… View Post

Instagram Tag 2017 | The best on Luxe Life Lover

I nearly never look back to the past, but for this Instagram tag, I make an exception. Lotte from Beautiful Disasterallesvandaan.nl tagged me on her blog and with that, she asked me to give an answer to the questions in this tag.  I am an Instagram junkie and that is why I will give my answers to this questions. The tag is made by allesvandaan.nl. The rules: 1. Copie & answer this questions on your blog; 2. Nominate a few blogs to answer the Instagram tag; 3. Add a link to allesvandaan.nl at the post; 4. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram! Which pictures got the most likes in 2017? These are the pictures which got the most likes last year. Three of them are made in the Efteling. One of them is made at Sue Rotterdam, a place where you can enjoy delicious foods, without sugar. The picture with… View Post

Bloggersmeeting #2 Den Bosch

Fitgoals day 29 – 56

Another four weeks has passed away, so it is time for to share my new body to you and tell you everything about my progress. Am I happy now or do I have to do a lot more work before I am happy with my body? You will read it here.  Progress Food As you know, food is one of the things which makes it hard for me to lose the weight I wanted to lose. During the working days (for me schooldays) it goes really good, but then the weekends says hi. Alcohol and bad food win, eating outside, white bread and cakes are the ones who destroy my weight loss. I have to be more careful in the weekend because everything I put in my mouth will be reflected on your body and that’s not what I want. Next, to this, I have to work more with a calorie… View Post

How I take my me-time

Me-time, we need it all to relax and come to ourselves. We all want something else for me-time, so I want to tell you how I spend my me-time. And no, this is not in the gym, because that is working very hard, haha. Me-time is relaxing, doing nothing, and treat you. Not only with a chocolate cake, because eating this means a lot of work. My me-time, relax I love to watch series like Gossip Girl. Hit play and watch without using your brains. You can do this lazy on the chair, but also in a very hot bath. I prefer the hot bath because you burn a lot of calories there. Which is great, because you do nothing and you burn calories. When I sit in the bath, I love something to eat and to drink. Not champagne with chocolate like in the picture, but more tea with… View Post