I learned to let things go in my first month in Curacao, this is what.

Letting things go, I’m really bad at it. Yet I realized that certain things on this island are not possible. I had a choice, let them go and be happy here or focus me dead… View Post

Instagram Tag 2017 | The best on Luxe Life Lover

I nearly never look back to the past, but for this Instagram tag, I make an exception. Lotte from Beautiful Disasterallesvandaan.nl tagged me on her blog and with that, she asked me to give an answer… View Post

Bloggersmeeting #2 Den Bosch

Fitgoals day 29 – 56

Another four weeks has passed away, so it is time for to share my new body to you and tell you everything about my progress. Am I happy now or do I have to do… View Post

How I take my me-time

Me-time, we need it all to relax and come to ourselves. We all want something else for me-time, so I want to tell you how I spend my me-time. And no, this is not in… View Post