I learned to let things go in my first month in Curacao, this is what.

Letting things go, I’m really bad at it. Yet I realized that certain things on this island are not possible. I had a choice, let them go and be happy here or focus me dead… View Post

Need college boost? Braincaps helps you, or not?

For the final exam students, the final exams are completed, for the graduates, the deadlines of the theses are met, but who knows you have another reason why you really need your concentration for studying.… View Post

Instagram Tag 2017 | The best on Luxe Life Lover

I nearly never look back to the past, but for this Instagram tag, I make an exception. Lotte from Beautiful Disasterallesvandaan.nl tagged me on her blog and with that, she asked me to give an answer… View Post

Bloggersmeeting #2 Den Bosch

Fitgoals day 29 – 56

Another four weeks has passed away, so it is time for to share my new body to you and tell you everything about my progress. Am I happy now or do I have to do… View Post