Bye Holland, Hallo Curacao

Internship abroad has always been a thing I really wanted. Finally, the time has come, in September I will do an internship for 4 months on the tropical island of Curacao. I find my adventure… View Post

Luxe Life Lover in the media

Everything is going fine, my Instagram is growing, I am happy with the blog results, I am okay with how everything is going. People start to mention me, which is great. Last week Indebuurt Woerden published an… View Post

Boyfriend’s room take over with my st

This title sounds bad, I know, I wanted to know how they call this in How to lose a guy in 10 days, but they didn’t give it a name either, so I had thought about… View Post

Blogger meeting #3 Utre

With my blogger friends we went to Utrecht and today I will tell you all about it. We had two meeting before, one in Amsterdam and one in Den Bosch. This time we discovered Utrecht.… View Post

7 x good intentions 2018

Every year we make new good intentions for the new year, and every year we succeed in not achieving them. The first few months it is very busy in the gym and after that, I… View Post