Bye Holland, Hallo Curacao

Internship abroad has always been a thing I really wanted. Finally, the time has come, in September I will do an internship for 4 months on the tropical island of Curacao. I find my adventure very exciting, but most of it is now complete. I’m really going to Curacao Yes, I’m really going to Curacao, August 22nd I will leave the familiar Netherlands and that until January 15th. That is almost 5 months. I will do my internship at Grant Thornton Curacao, now PwC. I am really looking forward to this. In the meantime, of course, I have also found a super cool studio at the Perseusweg in Willemstad. I do not yet reveal what it looks like. You see that as soon as I arrive in sunny Curacao. Farewell party Because I will leave the Netherla, of course, give an awesome goodbye party entirely in Curacao’s theme. Because yes,… View Post

Luxe Life Lover in the media

Everything is going fine, my Instagram is growing, I am happy with the blog results, I am okay with how everything is going. People start to mention me, which is great. Last week Indebuurt Woerden published an article about the 8 Instagrammers from Woerden you must follow and I was mentioned in this article. But there came more, I also had an interview. Indebuurt Woerden Every city has something like this, a website with all the news from the city. Woerden has a few websites like this and one of them is Indebuurt Woerden. Here they share all the news of the city, but they also share the Woerdenaar of the week. My interview is in that category. I can call myself Woerdenaar of this week. Isn’t that awesome? The interview Last Friday was the interview with Sylvia Vos, we met in Stadshotel Van Rossem Woerden. A nice restaurant (and hotel) but also a… View Post

Boyfriend’s room take over with my st

This title sounds bad, I know, I wanted to know how they call this in How to lose a guy in 10 days, but they didn’t give it a name either, so I had thought about a name myself. Eric and I are almost a half year together, so more and more stuff is at his place and today I’ll show them, so you can see it :). Half year together On 6 February we are a half year together, the day before (5 February) my blog exists a year, so time for a party. That is why I will have a nice giveaway on the 6th. But today we are going to talk about the stuff at Eric’s instead of this giveaway. Bathroom takeover   When I am at Eric’s I don’t have to bring shower stuff with me. My toothbrush, shampoo, shower foam, mascara, contact stuff en much more… View Post

Blogger meeting #3 Utre

With my blogger friends we went to Utrecht and today I will tell you all about it. We had two meeting before, one in Amsterdam and one in Den Bosch. This time we discovered Utrecht. Utrecht is a city in the middle of the Netherlands, it is 10 minutes away from my house with the train, so really close. I also went to a private school in this city for 2 years. So I know it well. The meeting We met around 11 o’clock on this Sunday, but we forgot to look at the opening hours of the stores, so we were in a quiet city with closed shops, lucky us, we always have fun with each other. We walked through the closed shopping streets and took some pictures. Some people always want to be the middle point, so here you see a big, sharp Tessa and small and unshare… View Post

7 x good intentions 2018

Every year we make new good intentions for the new year, and every year we succeed in not achieving them. The first few months it is very busy in the gym and after that, I enjoy the empty gym. But I am also a girl who lives with new year intentions and I want to share them with you so you know how I will start in 2018. 1. Getting my dream body As you probably have read in my blogs about my body goals, I am working my ass off to get my dream body. The way to my dream body is way harder than I thought and the holidays and my ski trip don’t make it easier. So I need to focus again on achieving my goal and get my dream body ready for summer. 2. Working with training and feed schemes For me, it is very hard… View Post