If you are a company who wants to work with me, contact me at There are 5 choices to work with me. For every kind of business, we can make a nice promotion for you and your company.


Giving a product away is a great way to advertise on a website because who doesn’t like to get a present? When you want to give a product away on my blog, let me know so we can talk about the details and how we are going to make the give away the best one ever.


I tell something about your product or company, you give me all the information that I need to write an article and you give me pictures so I can make a nice looking article for you. Of course, it has to be about fashion or beauty. I would like to try your product so I can give an honest opinion about your product or company. If you want this, please let me know so we can talk about the details.

Review a product

You are free to send me products to review, think about clothes to make a look, or beauty products to review. I tell my own opinion about this and I will be honest about everything. If you want that I review your product, let me know so I can give you the shipping address.


Do you have an event where you want me? Feel free to ask me, if it is outside the Netherlands, it is hard for me to come, but if your event is super duper cool, I still would love to come, so feel free to ask me.