Couple goals, matching looks

matching outfit with eric matching outfit with eric matching outfit with ericMatching look with boyfriend, sometimes it is just so nice. When we were in Paris we wore the same kind of look so we could take nice pictures together. Our look was made out a striped tee, combined with grey jeans and our Hermès belts. 


Matching is something I like since I am a little kid, only I never matched with someone. When I was little my brother and dad had matching stuff and now they have it again, but my mom and I never had it. When we were in Barca my mom and I bought the same Levi’s tee so we finally have something matching. Eric had the honor to be the first one who matched with me. In the winter, we whore the same kind of looks without knowing it. And so the idea of this post was born.

Her look

My outfit consists of jeans with embroidery that sold the Zara last year, a lovely pair of trousers which is nice and airy, but in the winter warm enough. On the jeans, I wear a black and white striped shirt from Nikkie. They are a bit pricey, but the shirts are really nice. Another advantage for me is that they sell size 32 and that’s really great for me. Here I wore my new Valentino sneakers with a gold line and my Hermès belt.

Jeans: Zara | Top: Nikkie | Shoes: Valentino | Belt: Hermès

His look

Eric wears Scotch and Soda jeans from the super skinny line, a G-star shirt from the winter collection. The shoes he wears are from Replay and finally, his belt is also from Hermès. Unfortunately, the jeans and shirt are no longer for sale.

Jeans: Scotch and Soda | Shirt: G-star | Shoes: Replay | Belt: Hermès

What do you think of matching outfits with your boyfriend?

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