Bye Holland, Hallo Curacao

Internship abroad has always been a thing I really wanted. Finally, the time has come, in September I will do an internship for 4 months on the tropical island of Curacao. I find my adventure very exciting, but most of it is now complete.

I’m really going to Curacao

Yes, I’m really going to Curacao, August 22nd I will leave the familiar Netherlands and that until January 15th. That is almost 5 months. I will do my internship at Grant Thornton Curacao, now PwC. I am really looking forward to this.

In the meantime, of course, I have also found a super cool studio at the Perseusweg in Willemstad. I do not yet reveal what it looks like. You see that as soon as I arrive in sunny Curacao.I'm going to Curacao

Farewell party

Because I will leave the Netherla, of course, give an awesome goodbye party entirely in Curacao’s theme. Because yes, of course, I can not do anything else, I will keep this sparkling party Friday, August 17, if you want to come, send me a message on Facebook and I’ll make sure it’s okay.

Changes after my departure

My departure will, however, have consequences. I have no idea how much time I have for and Instagram. I have not (yet) found a photo victim, so it may be that everything will be different in the period that I am gone. Companies I also want to state that if you want to work together it is important that I receive the packages before August 22, otherwise I can not do anything with it anymore. Of course, it may also be sent to Curacao.

Tips Curacao

If you have super good tips for me, please let me know. Besides the internship, I will of course also explore the island. I hope that this is by car, but that depends on obtaining my driving license, waahhhh Tuesday I have to drive off, am already scaredddd …. and otherwise, I will go touring with a scooter over the island. All tips are welcome. I have weekends to do the nicest things so I want to know all the fun things I can do!

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