Day in The Hague with my Wooden Jord Watch

Last week I visited The Hage with Eric, we went to a hotspot named Pistache and we made some pictures with my new Wooden Jord Watch. Wooden watches are becoming a must-have and the best thing is that Jord Watch let me have a giveaway with a wooden watch. 

Hotspot PistacheHotspot Den Haag Pistache Jord watch pistache Pistache food

In The Hage, you can find this delicious and healthy hotspot with a very nice interior, which you cannot see in this picture… My lunch was a smoked ribeye salat and Eric took french toast with fruit. I also took a picture of my watch on this picture, just because I liked it. Did I already mention that you can win this woorden Jord Watch?

What are your favourite hotspots in The Hage which I should visit one day?

Binnenhof Binnenhof Den HaagBinnenhof Den Haag

Top: Vila Clothes | denim jacket: Hilfiger Denim | skirt: Nikkie | shoes Isabel Marant | belt: Hermès | bag: Louis Vuitton | watch: Jord Watch

One of the most famous places in The Hage is het Binnenhof, that is why I really wanted to make my pictures there. The spring is really coming because I already found some colorful flowers on the ground like this yellow ones. Perfect for Easter. I just love the thought of the spring which is coming.

Wooden Jord Watch giveaway

Wooden Jord Watch Giveaway

Do you want to win my awesome watch too? Well, until then it is your lucky day because by signing up by this link, you can win one of their watches. If you cannot wait until you know if you won, you can buy a watch by clicking on one of the links below:
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