The espadrille, my favourite summer shoes

Espadrille Vidorette

During the summer we see more and more woman wearing the espadrille. The shoes are easy to style, walk great and look fantastic. When you wear them, you know they feel like slippers. I bought silver espadrilles with a lot of glitters, since I really love shiny and bling bling. I guess these shoes are a real eye catcher. But I love that.

The espadrille is a shoe designed in the Pyrenees. You can find a lot of espadrille shoe stores in Spain. So when you are in Spain and if you are an espadrille lover, make sure you visit a shop there. You will save money and you have the choice between so many colours and other designs.

Silver espadrilles from Vidorreta

The shoes you see me wearing on the picture are from Vidorreta. When I just had them, I found the glitters all over the house, but luckily after a while, let’s say a few days, it was over. The shoes are sized normally. I always have size 37 and that’s also with this brand. Next to that, the fit is great. Sometimes espadrilles have gaps around the feed, but not with these. But it is also possible that people with gaps have their espadrilles a size too big.

How I styled my shoes 

Easy shoes look great with easy looks, that is why I wear my Vogue tee 2017. The shirt is oversized, but it looks great anyways and it is an easy  shirt to wear. I wear jeans from the Zara, these jeans are cheap, like €30,-, but they are perfect. I don’t wear much on these pictures, but I also love to style my espadrilles with anklets. In the summer anklets are my favourite jewels to wear. Especially with shells, I really love that beachy look.

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