Fit goals #3

A new month is here, so it is time to show my progress with you. I wanted to post this last week, but I didn’t feel good enough to take pictures of myself. This month was a good month for me except one weekend, and that weekend destroyed everything, but I’m on my way back and I won’t let one weekend destroy it.

That weekend

It was a holiday, my boyfriend and I went to Arnhem to shop, eat and drink bubble tea (review will follow). We had lunch in a restaurant named Hemels. A place where you can eat healthy and unhealthy. Of course, we ordered the healthy lunch.

After the lunch we went to bubble tea, taste great, but I don’t think it is healthy. When it was six, the shops closed, so we wanted to go to a restaurant, but they didn’t have a table available, so at first, we went to a cafe and we ordered bitterballs (Dutch fried beef balls). At 8 we had a spot in a sushi restaurant, but I didn’t know sushi contains that many calories.

On Saturday I had the “goodbye” party at my old work, I didn’t know it was with dinner, so I already ate soup with salat. The dinner was not unhealthy with meat, only the dessert, but I had two dinners at one night. A bit too much, haha.

On Sunday I went over to my boyfriend’s to sleep and have dinner there. We made healthy nachos, which were healthy if you are it with more than two people. So all those things ruined my body.

The results

It could have been better, I know, but we will work very hard this month to reach my goals soon.

Sorry for the bad quality of this month’s pictures, but when I look at those pictures, I see results I don’t see when I look in the mirror. These pictures are things which keep me motivated. I don’t know what I did last month when the picture of my back was taken because I didn’t even know it was taken, but when you compare my back with last month, it looks like my muscles are gone haha.

Read here all about last month.

Improvements for this month

I started two days ago with writing down the things I could eat that day. Especially the snacks were things I should focus on. And the amount of peanut butter, I love it so much, so everytime when I eat a rice cracker with peanut butter I put another tablespoon in my mouth, but it contains so many calories. Of course, peanut butter is not that bad and it helps you lose fat, but the amount I ate was not good.

I am more a person who eats to eat than to eat because I am hungry. This month, I am going to change that. I will only eat when I am hungry and my snacks will be normal amounts of normal times and no snacks after dinner anymore. To lose weight (or get a lower fat percentage) it is important to focus on the things you eat and eating just before you went to bed is not good for you.

Skinny Coffee Club Cinnamon Swirl

Skinny Coffee Club asked me if I wanted to try their limited edition winter taste, the cinnamon swirl. This coffee will I use during this month. Next month you will read my opinion about this coffee.

Next month I’ll use a picture made by me ;).

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