Fit goals #7 with detoxshop tea

In March was the last fit goals so a new update was time again. I march I enjoyed the Herbalife breakfast that I received from Barbara, last month I used a detox tea from A set that consists of an evening and morning tea. With my trips to Barcelona and Paris last month filled with delicious, but not really healthy food, detox tea was handy. But does it really work? And does it contribute to my body goals?

Teatox morning

morning detox thee detoxshop morning detox thee detoxshop

The morning starts with a cup of tea from This is a delicious green tea, yes a green tea that I like, with some citrus fruit. The tea has a light green taste and is neutral enough to taste whatever you want. I love it with my Alpro coconut yogurt with oatmeal, nuts and some fruit. It is a wonderful start of the day.

Fresh Teatox Morning: Green tea China Gunpowder, Lemongrass, Mate green, Natural Flavor Enhancer (Lemon – Apricot), White Tea Mao Feng, Black Tea Golden Yunnan OP, Lemon peel, Mallow herb, Ponytail herb, Dandelion, Green tea Matcha, Spirulina, Guarana.

Teatox evening

evening detox thee detoxshop

I can drink the teatox evening at bedtime. This tea consists mainly of dried fruit with herbs. This tea is also very tasty and you can easily drink away. After dinner, I do not eat anything anymore, so I eat almost nothing for this.

Fresh Teatox Evening: Apple, Verbena, Balm, Natural Flavor Enhancer (Orange – Mandarin), Orange Peel, Hop Leaves, Tulsi, Marigold, Mantle, Valerian, Savory.

Does it really work?

After my holidays this worked really well, I came back to my old weight within a week without paying extra attention to my food. I do not know if it comes through the tea, but it seems to me. It is a nice start of the day and also a good conclusion of the day. It drinks easily and you feel more energetic.

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Body goals Body goals

I have not made a lot of progress this period, but I have eaten myself a few times during holidays and it has not got any worse, but just a little bit better. This month will be quieter so we will focus more on nutrition and that summer body must come.

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