Fit lifestyle motivation

It is time again for a new post full of fit lifestyle inspiration. Full of pictures of the best sports outfits, healthy food, and quotes that motivate me. The more motivation you find to make the best of it, the easier you will sustain it.

Fitness outfits

Womens Best Stronger Nike

Feeling good and beautiful starts with a nice outfit. You can get these outfits from anywhere. We now have the warehouse sale from Intersport and there I have my battle with some nice new fitness clothes. You can, of course, get the clothes from anywhere. Below you can see some really cool fitness outfits.

Healthy food

Buddah bowl Fruits and veggiesHealthy SmoothiesGood foodNo burgers Looks great, tastes amazing Junk food cravings not a dog

As you might know, your muscles are only made for 30% in the gym, the other 70% is what you put in your mouth. In the meantime, variant I have learned that you have to learn to eat the variant and then you will not even like the unhealthy varriant. I’m crazy about dark chocolate, but nowadays it must be pure and pure, otherwise, I think it’s too sweet. I replaced ketjap with soy sauce and I do not want anything else anymore. That’s a lot more, it’s customizing your habits and when that’s done, it’s all a lot easier. You have to want it and where there is a will is a way.

Gym Stop waitingfat cryingHard workwillpower

Sports is of course very important to tighten, both cardio and strength training are important here. Yet it is not really that bad to skip the gym and do something different.

Hula hoops
Hoepel van Robin Hoop

A good way to do a different kind of cardio is hula hoops, you can do so many fun things with it. Through the Youtube channel of Robin Hoop, I teach myself new things, such as lunches and squats, so I can make a whole workout here. It is heavy. With the code EMMA10, you get a discount on your order at


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