Fitgoals day 29 – 56

Another four weeks has passed away, so it is time for to share my new body to you and tell you everything about my progress. Am I happy now or do I have to do a lot more work before I am happy with my body? You will read it here.

My back



As you know, food is one of the things which makes it hard for me to lose the weight I wanted to lose. During the working days (for me schooldays) it goes really good, but then the weekends says hi. Alcohol and bad food win, eating outside, white bread and cakes are the ones who destroy my weight loss.

I have to be more careful in the weekend because everything I put in my mouth will be reflected on your body and that’s not what I want. Next, to this, I have to work more with a calorie app. My favorite at the moment is Fitatu because this one is the most complete of the free ones. It shows next to your calories, the protein, the fats, and the carbs you eat that day and how much you should take of it.


Going to the gym is still a thing I do very often. I love to sport and in my gym, it is a nice place to do it with friendly people. I have to train my upper back and shoulders way more, not to grow better muscles but to make it strong so it doesn’t hurt anymore. I am trying to train it every week, but I think I have to do it more. My cardio and strength training goes well at the moment. Next, to the gym, I have my hockey training and matches so I sport now 7 days a week, which is a lot, haha.

New goals

I want to lose some weight and get better abs, I have to focus more on my food in the weekends and I have to do stronger strength sessions in the gym. Focusing on my food doesn’t mean starvation, but eating more veggies and fewer carbs and things. Last month I told you I stopped eating carbs, but I found out 1 slice of spelt bread with chicken and veggies is a better lunch than oatmeal because of the calories. I have to focus on what I eat and not skipping things. Next week I share some new challenges and this time it is with food, so it is easier to do for everyone I think.

Let’s make it a great fit month guys! If you have any tips for me, feel free to share! X

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