Awesome floaties for autumn break

On Instagram, you will have seen them often enough, nice floaties. The standard inflatable crocodile and the car tire are over. I, therefore, list the trendiest and affordable floaties. And maybe you steal the show in the pool or on the beach.


I love watermelon and can not get enough of it, not crazy so if you find a watermelon airbed that you should have it. But tell me, is not this fun? In the water, he is stable and comfortable and outside the water, you can pose with it, or lie on it. Take some fruit to complete your fruit salad and you’re done.

You can find this floatie on

Bikini, Elsa and Rose, but read this article about them first. 

The Flamingo

Have we not seen enough yet? No, of course not, who gets enough of this cute little creature? At least I do not hear, maybe you’re not original, but you do have a nice pool, which is nice on photos. And it sits/lays great. I bought this last summer, when he did not come out of my suitcase in Indonesia, but fortunately this summer.

The one I have is from  Xenos, but last summer’s, when I was looking for the watermelon I found a copy of it on Coolgift.

My bikini of from h&m, top and bottom

Are you looking for a cool gift or are you looking for floaties, you need to check out the website.

* This article is writing in collaboration with coolgift.

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