This also comes the you’re getting fit

We all want to be tighter in our skin. As you know, I also want that super and that way to my fit goal I also share with you. However, there are also disadvantages here and today I am looking at the disadvantages of getting fitter with you.

Always buying a new wardrobe

You will think, goo logical if you lose this must also? If I had to buy everything new for that reason, it was completely fine. My trousers are all getting big at the waist and I finally have size 25, something I had when I was very young. That is something that makes me happy, but did you know that clothes suddenly become stupid when you are fitter. Time and time again I see myself in something and then I think, hey bah who is really stupid at my stomach. He is also good, but suddenly he is too loose with my stomach. That’s how we never saw shirts, and now I can have a better time.

Width size bra will be smaller
Doutzen sport bh

Yes, a common problem with many people, but when I recently bought a new bra, I was less happy. The cups in my old familiar size did not fit nicely for a meter. I called the woman who helped me with it and she said “you need a smaller width size, which do you wear?” so I say “70”, then came to the response “ow but we have no 65 here, I’ll pack a cup smaller for you”. That was still bales, while I know myself that I do not have much, it is now just now that it has become even less. And I think all that time, with my physique and proportions there is really no fat in my breasts, well now.

Not being able to determine your food is drama

At home I stick to a certain “schedule”, I know that I get enough of it, but I will not get any surpluses. Time and time again that is not possible on vacation. In Barcelona and Paris, this month was quite a thing and I came with some extra pounds at home, luckily you have them again, but what is the frustrating say if you have no influence on your food. Just give me my yogurt with fruit, biscuit and gingerbread spices and oatmeal/muesli in the morning. Some fruit, a rice cake or a light cookie in between. A shake as afternoon food and in between still a protein bar or some fruit and for dinner what the pot for healthy. You secretly make me a lot happier with that.

Progression so far

The top image is one of the first images, the bottom one is one of the last, yes it is time for a new ubdate and that comes quickly. In just over a year I have become a lot happier with my body, there is still a lot of improvement to be made, but the beginning is there.

fitgoals with Herbalife

Whining people around

All those people who complain that you should not eat so healthily, that you do not have to exercise that much, you name it, it makes me crazy. I have a grandmother who is also good at this, then we sit in a restaurant to have a drink and then she starts that you really have to take a cake. I do not want to, but I do not want to disappoint her and that she starts complaining again that I should not only eat healthily. So I eat the tartlet, it’s tasty, I did not really want to, but I did not want to disappoint her either. But besides my grandmother, I hear more people about it.


If I hate a thing it’s injuries due to overload. Still, want to do that one repetition with more and then it goes wrong, ouch. Then you can not do anything for a while and that really gives me frustration. You want to do something, you do not want to arrive, you pay more attention to your food, as you burn less. You focus on all kinds of things because you can not play sports and you do not want anything except in this period. Besides the pain, I just hate to do nothing and that is exactly what you are allowed to do during a injuries, nothing.

What disadvantage do you mainly experience when getting fit?


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