The truth behind the giveaways of Elsa & Rose

That not every contest is fair, we all know that, but Elsa & Rose Swimwear makes it a very special thing. That is why I like to reveal to you the way in which these promotions take place.

Giveaways from Elsa & Rose Swimwear

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Elsa & Rose likes to do a contest with influencers, the intention is that the influencer will find 100 participants and then Elsa & Rose will choose a winner. As soon as the influencer has managed to find 100 participants within 3 days, she is sent a bikini. You can choose from a few bikers that are made available via a link, so certainly not the best collections.

The winner

Meanwhile, I have held several promotions for Elsa & Rose and each time someone won my prize. Time after time an account that I had never heard of, but you’re not going to twinkle so quickly. Until someone asked me who won my contest and after a few weeks the account no longer existed. I went to check my older competitions and these winners did not have an account anymore.

So I started to doubt the honesty of the competitions, I asked more girls who had won their giveaway and they were always accounts that no longer existed. You guessed it, the girls who win a bikini do not exist at all. These giveaways are a great marketing truck to get followers very quickly and cheaply.The truth behind the giveaways OF ELSA AND ROSE SWIMWEAR

I believe that this really is not possible if you want to grow big as a company, do it in a good way and not in this way. You do not want people to think bad about you? Yes, the bikinis of Elsa & Rose Swimwear are really nice, but in this way, it’s just not fair.


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