Glowskin mask Treat yourself as a queen

Glow skin, treat yourself as a queen

I have tested a Glowskin Mask named Treat yourself like a queen. When Glowskin asked me if I wanted to try one of their masks. I had to pick one and when I saw this mask I thought, yes that is my mask.

About Glowskin mask

Glowskins sheet masks are made of 100% natural ingredients. A sheet mask looks a bit like paper and is cut to the shape of your face. The paper is soaked in a serum of much vitamins which are great for your skin. Next, to that they are moisturizing and they are much more effective than the regular face masks.

How to apply

You need to start (like with every mask) with cleaning your skin. Remove makeup and other things from your face. Make sure your skin is dry because you have to put the mask on a dry skin. Open the package of the mask and remove the plastic layer from the paper. Put the sheet on your skin with the right eye, nose and month places. And make sure the sheet touch your skin everywhere. Do whatever you want to do for the next 25 minutes. Remove the sheet, let the serum on your skin and make massage movements on your skin to put it in.

The Glowskin mask and me

In my opinion, the mask has more than just a nice name. After using the mask my skin felt as soft as the skin of a newborn baby. I could not stop touching my skin because it felt so soft. When the serum was in my skin, I looked in the mirror. My face was looking like I put oil on it, even after putting hot water on it, it looked like that. But my day creme was my hero and made my skin look normal. My skin always looks like I have oil on it after cleaning and I hate it, I hoped this mask doesn’t do it. But also this mask do it.

✓ My skin feels so soft
✓ It smells really good
✓ I love the titles of the mask
✓ Easy to apply
X The price of one mask is €9,95


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