Goodbye food tour through Amsterdam

In the meantime, I have been on Curacao for more than two weeks, but of course, I also gave a goodbye party. On Friday I went to Amsterdam with two friends for a great day with a lot of food and alcohol, in the evening was my goodbye party for all friends and on Sunday I had a small goodbye bbq with the family. Anyway, we are going to talk about my day in Amsterdam.
Foodhallen Amsterdam

Blond Amsterdam Café

The day we started at Blond, a super nice cafe of the brand Blond Amsterdam. We started with breakfast, I took a fruit salad with honey and a fresh mint tea, which lactose intolerance unfortunately did not allow you to eat the coolest things. So the girls were sitting at a Blond’s Pink Heaven, a potato shake that looked really great, a little jealous hihi. Here I also received my farewell gifts, a super cool canvas bag with my logo on it, a selfie stick, a t-shirt with a picture of us on it and a birthday present.

Wine at the Vondelpark

Under the motto, there is somewhere a 5 in the clock, we were already at 12 o’clock at the rose, delicious in the sun in the Vondelpark. We were upstairs and that was delicious because that way you could look carefully at the Vondelpark.

De Foodhallen

I wanted to go to the Food Halls for a long time, but it never happened. Luckily my friends took me here. Here we enjoyed gin tonic, sushi, bitterballen, a cocktail platter, and a sirloin steak. Really a place full of delicious food and I wants to go back because I have not yet tasted all the food, oopsie, I sound so thick and food addict at the moment.

Do you also enjoy good food? What is your favorite hotspot in Amsterdam, I want to visit them all !!

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