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Sometimes you have to pamper yourself and you can do better with something that is really tasty. Baker’s Dough recently launched a new guilty pleasure and I have tasted it. It is the create-it-yourself waffle. A waffle on a stick decorated with the tastiest things. Unfortunately, almost every food on this waffle is an allergen, so people with allergies cannot eat it.

How to waffle it

Baker's Dough Waffle

Baker’s Dough is the first cookie dough bar in the Netherlands. Recently they made a new product, waffles on a stick. Together with Eric, I went to Baker’s Dough to taste this waffle. I am a bit allergic to lactose and milk protein so it was not the smartest thing to eat such a waffle. My belly did not think it was great, but my mouth did.

Baker's Dough Waffle

The waffle is decorated with the tastiest things, there was a delicious frosting of cookie dough, but then with some more butter which made it a delicious cream. We had a scoop of ice cream, Nutella, strawberries, disco dip and m&m’s on it. A bit of everything that is super unhealthy was over. It was therefore also a wonderful guilty pleasure. You should not eat it too often, but you can really enjoy good food if you are healthy.

My drink compensated for the unhealthiness because I also got a delicious ginger-lemon tea. I love tea and I also like this tea very much. The fresh taste of the lemon and ginger matched perfectly with the ant sweet taste of the waffle. Incidentally, I advise you to share the waffle, because he fills very well haha. Eric and I shared this waffle and after that, we were already full, you have to check if we would eat a whole.

Some more delicious pictures

Baker's Dough Waffle Baker's Dough WaffleBaker's Dough Waffle

Have you already been to Baker’s Dough for this delicious waffle?

You can find Baker’s Dough at Pannekoekstraat 82A in Rotterdam. I definitely recommend you to visit it.
* For this review I was invited to taste the tea and the waffle at Baker’s Dough for free, my opinion about the waffle and the tea are 100% truthfully written. It is really nice, taste it yourself. 😉


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