Healthy ice-cream exists! Oppo Brothers review + 2 recipes

The summer is coming, well at least, I hope so and what is a summer without an ice cream? Well, nothing of course. But as you probably know I am a health freak and is there any ice cream I can eat during the summer? Yes, Oppo Brothers have healthy icecreams and this health freak was lucky enough to taste it. Can a healthy ice cream be delicious? I found it out and I’m going to tell you everything about it. 

Oppo Brothers

Oppo Brothers is an English company, who had the dream of making a healthy ice cream. They started in 2011 after Charlie and Harry decided to break the world record of ‘Kite over land’. In 2014 Oppo Brothers came in the first English supermarkets and in 2015 that decided to sell their brand in more countries in the world. Want to know more about Oppo Brothers, click here to their full story.


Together with Eric, we bought the first taste in Rotterdam, we as chocolate lovers chose the chocolate version as our first try. This ice cream has 43 kcal per scoop, but who take only 1 scoop? Well not me, haha. In this box, you can find 500 ml ice cream which has 425 kcal in total. We shared a box, so we had 212 kcal each. We found out, Oppo is the perfect post-workout food, so we went to the gym to rock an abs workout and after that, we watched a movie with the ice cream. This ice cream tastes so nice that you don’t even notice that it is an healthy ice cream. It was an addicting one which was healthy and so delicious at the same time.


The second flavor was Vanilla, we used half for lunch and half after sporting.

Banana oats pancakes with nuts, red fruit, and vanilla ice

For 2 persons:
* 2 eggs (whole)
* 2 egg whites
* 2 ripe bananas
* 2 tbsp oats
* Baking spray

* 6 scoops Oppo Vanilla ice cream
* 30-grams hazelnuts
* 30-grams white almonds
* Hand red fruit

How to:
* Smash the bananas and mix all the ingredient
* Bake the pancakes in baking spray till they’re brown
* Make a tower and decorate your plate
* Enjoy!

This lunch was as good as it looks. It tasted like a good vanilla ice cream but then with way less kcal and bad things. This ice cream has 370 kcal for a box, so that is not that much. When the ice cream starts to melt, it is the best, in my opinion.

Oppo Brothers – SALTED CARAMEL

And then we have the last flavor, we ate this with a healthy apple crumble. I have never eaten an apple crumble as lunch before, but I can say, it is as good as a dessert apple crumble and the best thing is, this is a healthy version, without added sugars.

Apple crumble with salted caramel ice cream

Apple mix:
* 2 big apple pie apples
* 1 hand raisins
* 1 tbsp citron juice
* Hand nuts of your choice
* Cinamon to taste

* 40 grams coconut oil
* 80-grams oats
* 1 tbsp coconut
* 2 tbsp honey

How to make:
* Heat the oven to 200 degrees (Celcius).
* Mix the apple mix and put it on a scale.
* Mix the crumble ingredients until it is sticky and put it on top of the apple mix.
* Bake it 20/30 minutes.
* Put 3 scoops of ice cream on top of the crumble.

This was also a party on a plate. Salted caramel is just so delicious, but now I know that it is healthy is tastes even better. In this ice cream they didn’t use real caramel but Lucuma, a fruit which tastes like caramel. I guess I have found my new favorite fruit! Does anyone know where I can buy this? A box of ice cream contains 375 kcal by the way.

My opinion

The ice cream is not cheap but is very good and I think you will see me with this ice cream a lot during the summer. I enjoyed every bite of it. When you want a healthy ice cream, this is a delicious one. Chocolate will always be my favorite, followed up by salted caramel and after that vanilla, I am more a girl who loves real tastes I guess. But this vanilla was very good.

This post is a collaboration between me and Oppo Brother. This didn’t affect my opinion of the ice cream because it is very very good!!


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