HOTSPOT | Beachclub Koko’s in Jan Thiel

Relax at the beach, eat something, drink in your hand. The ultimate holiday feeling, this is what you get at Koko’s. Luxury beach beds to lie on and a sea to swim in swim.

Koko’s delicious food, drink and good to relax

On the pictures above you can already see why you get a wonderful tropical feeling at this tent. Palm trees, beach, sea, nets in trees that gives shade, just wonderful. For swimming you have to go down a pebble beach, at Zanzibar you go a bit easier into the water to swim, but it is also more crowded than here.

To make the tropical feeling even more complete, there are various tropical dishes on the menu, so you can order a coconut, a fruit salad in a pineapple, tropical cocktails, but also enough sandwiches and other food. Bitterballen can not be found here on the menu, that is an exception, because you can find them everywhere. Also nice to have a tent with other snacks.

Here you can see the menu

Awesome to take pictures

I’m sure you already have seen my tropical¬†Instagram¬†pictures, but if not, check them out fast. Here I have some more pictures, because this a great place to shoot awesome pictures, of yourself and/or the food. The best thing is the fruit salad in a pineapple, it looks just so fancy and yummy. I wish I had this every day.

This beachclub is wonderful to relax and enjoy your vacation or stay on Curacao. The prices are not very cheap, but it is definitely worth it. And the Strawberry Smash is a recommendation, fresh strawberries, mint and Club Soda he was very tasty, but that is to see my happy head also think.

What is your favourite spot in Curacao?

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