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I nearly never look back to the past, but for this Instagram tag, I make an exception. Lotte from Beautiful tagged me on her blog and with that, she asked me to give an answer to the questions in this tag.  I am an Instagram junkie and that is why I will give my answers to this questions. The tag is made by

The rules:
1. Copie & answer this questions on your blog;
2. Nominate a few blogs to answer the Instagram tag;
3. Add a link to at the post;
4. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

Which pictures got the most likes in 2017?

These are the pictures which got the most likes last year. Three of them are made in the Efteling. One of them is made at Sue Rotterdam, a place where you can enjoy delicious foods, without sugar. The picture with the panther skirt is made by my beloved blog friend Merle, during our meeting in Den Bosch. Then we have my Elsa & Rose bikini giveaway, we have two pictures made in a parc in the beautiful Amsterdam and at last a picture made at my home by the fireplace.

What is the last picture you uploaded in 2017?

A few minutes before twelve I posted this picture and that made it the last picture in 2017. My beloved boyfriend was the victim and had to take the picture. He didn’t mind, at least that is what he told me.

What is the first picture of 2017?

My pictures were not that great at the beginning of the year, but ok. I made this picture when we toasted, that is a few minutes after 12 o’clock. Not much later I posted this picture. The first and last picture are typical New Year’s Eve pictures. Funny!

What is the best picture you made in 2017 with yourself on it?

This picture Eric and I made in Paris, yes Paris, you didn’t think that after seeing the Eiffel Tower. During the summer holiday, Eric and I got the crazy idea to drive to Paris for just one day. It is only five hours driving, so why not? Well, when you are Emma, you put the wrong address in the navigation and you only drive longer, but ok. This was the best day. No plan and visiting the beautiful Paris. Eating good food, visiting amazing things and at the end, you drive back to the Netherlands. Correction: Eric will drive, Emma will sleep.

Which Instagram picture made in 2017 make you feel homesick?

The summer: Hair gets blonder Skin gets tanned Nights are longer Life gets better

A post shared by Emma (@luxelifelover) on

My summer holiday to Indonesia, I have seen here amazing things and learned so much about their culture and things. On Gili Air, we had some rest during an intensive tour. This picture is made during our snorkeling tour on the island Gili Meno. Here we could rest in the sun with a coconut in my hands. What do you need more?

What is the best dish you shared on Instagram in 2017?

I don’t share that much food picture and when I do it is mostly oats or banana pancakes. At the Albert Heijn, I bought a poke bowl and I styled it with more veggies. This bowl is delicious and every time when I have to work in the evening at the Albert Heijn I eat this bowl. In the picture you see the salmon version, but also the other two versions are very good.

What is the nicest picture you shared with your pet on Instagram?

Because we are also on every other day kind to each other. Pet day or not!

A post shared by Emma (@luxelifelover) on

This babe doesn’t like pictures, so I only posted him one time this year. You see him more in my stories than on my feed. I am glad this picture is my only one with him, but it is a great one.

Which apps to photoshop your pictures do you use?

When I want a blurred background, I use Adobe Photoshop and for other things I use Snapseed. Snapseed is just so easy to use and in an easy way, you can edit your picture in the same style. This is very important for a beautiful feed.

Which hashtags did you use the most?

Wow, this is a hard one. I think #fashionblogger is my most used hashtag. I use this hashtag nearly every time I upload a picture, just because I am a fashion blogger and nearly every picture I share is a fashion one.

What are your three favourite accounts?

This is a tough one, on Instagram you can find so many gorgeous accounts. My favorites are very big, and I hope that one day I am something like that. I start with Noor of Queen of Jetlegs, she really makes gorgeous pictures and beautiful places. Then we have Hilde of Hildeee, she is so gorgeous and her pictures are even better. And at least we have Mercedes of Style it with Trix, I follow her since she was very small. In a year time, she gained many followers and grew amazingly. She shares her looks mostly with her dog Trix.

And the nominated accounts are…

 Merle from Girls Things
Guilia from Ren Meisje
Sharon from Travel Eat Enjoy Repeat
Marieke from Baby Banjo
Louanne from Louanne
Leyla from Leyla Fashion
Joyce from EnJOYce Life
Silke from SCNVM
And at last Danielle who will have her blog soon.

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