It’s all about the details – Summery look

Little black dress details

Little black dress details

Little black dress details

Little black dress details

Black dresses, the little black dress, these dresses are actually very simple and sometimes a bit boring to wear. With a few small details you can make these dresses so stylish. That’s why I show you how I do it, because with such a dress it is all about the details. In short, pimp him up with nice accessories.

Outfit | Dress: Nikkie | Belt: Hermès | Shoes: Maison Valentino| Had: My Jewellery | Watch: Vondel Watches

Last summer I bought this black dress from Nikkie, in that post you can see how I wear it with a bomberjacket, but this is a little warm for the summer. And for the wonderfully warm days we’re going to get this week, so it’s time to make the little black dress stylish in a different way.

A hat

I never actually wear them, hats, but when I saw them I found it too nice to leave them in the store, so the hat of My Jewelery had to go home and what it turned out, he was super cool with this summer outfit. And that for less than 15 euros. On the hat is summer love and that makes him really great for the summer. Do not be afraid, you’ll see this hat coming over on my Instagram and blog more often. 😉

A belt

I love belts, but I believe that is clear. Certainly my Hermes belt you see more often and so also with this outfit. Given that I do not wear anything with the dress myself, I thought it would be nice to wear it so that the black dress would has an interruption. The nice thing about this belt is, that it is nice in both trousers and a dress / skirt.


What is a nice outfit without jewelry? With me pretty nothing. I kept it simple for this look. I wear my Vondel watch with a Tiffany and Co heart necklace. I used to never like the watches, but since companies have sent them, I notice that I am going to wear watches, and that I actually like them. I do not understand why I never did this because these things are just really fun!


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