Little Black Dress from Nikkie with pink jacket

   Hi girls, this post is a day later than usual, but my parents were a weekend away and I didn’t have any pictures to share. So a day later here is my post. When I was in Groningen with my mom we went to the Zara and to the Nikkie to shop this look. Read here everything about the Little Black Dress from Nikkie and the pink jacket from Zara.

The dress is from Nikkie, a Dutch brand which I like so much. The dress is easy to style when you have to go chic, wear it with black pumps. When you want to wear it casual, wear it with a biker jacket or a jacket like mine.

Little Black Dress from Nikkie

This dress is really easy to style and it fits perfect. A great thing about Nikkie is that she sells her clothes is size 32, which is so good for small girls like me. So I am wearing my size 32 in the pictures. Buying a dress is a total disaster for me because it is always ways to big. But for the next time I know I have to go to Nikkie. The dress is not really cheap, but the quality is good and it fits great, so it is worth the money.

Pink jacket Zara

When I went into the Zara and saw this jacket I fell in love. I didn’t know how I had to style it, but I needed this jacket. So I bought it. When we continued shopping and we went into the Nikkie I knew this dress would be a perfect match. I tried in on with the jacket and it looks so good. The people in the store even told me that it looked awesome together. The jacket is so cute because of the color and because of the flounces on the sleeves, back, and bags.

I finished the look with my Adidas Superstar shoes and a necklace from Tiffany and Co. When it is colder you can wear this look nice with a black panty. My favorite panties are from the H&M and then the ones for €10,-.

I hope you liked this look and I hope you’ll have a lovely day.

Xoxo Emma

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