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In de buurt Woerden

Foto: indebuurt Woerden

Everything is going fine, my Instagram is growing, I am happy with the blog results, I am okay with how everything is going. People start to mention me, which is great. Last week Indebuurt Woerden published an article about the 8 Instagrammers from Woerden you must follow and I was mentioned in this article. But there came more, I also had an interview.

Indebuurt Woerden

Every city has something like this, a website with all the news from the city. Woerden has a few websites like this and one of them is Indebuurt Woerden. Here they share all the news of the city, but they also share the Woerdenaar of the week. My interview is in that category. I can call myself Woerdenaar of this week. Isn’t that awesome?

The interview

Last Friday was the interview with Sylvia Vos, we met in Stadshotel Van Rossem Woerden. A nice restaurant (and hotel) but also a nice place to drink something. We had a nice conversation and Sylvia took notes of everything I said about my blog and Instagram. In the end, we shot some pictures for the article at the almost place spot at the Haven.

Here you can read the interview if you spreak Dutch: Emma (19) timmert met duizenden volgers lekker aan de weg als fashionblogger en fitgirl


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