Holiday in Milan and Venice

Italy is a country where I like to come, to ski and to spend the summer. We had a whole road trip in mind, but it was a bit different because of the time. This led to visiting Milan and Venice. Two cities where I had never been before and that is totally fun.

On our way to Italy, we visited a place in Germany named Blautopf. After that, we drove through Milan and we arrived in the early night. Here we camped on a city camping and I have to say that the camping was food, expect the mosquitos. The best part is that it is a great way to stay when you explore a city and it doesn’t it expensive at all.

Bella Milano

I know Milan from the beautiful picture I saw on Instagram. There were two things I saw like all the time, a beautiful white church and a shopping street with a dome over it. What I didn’t know was that this is the only two beautiful things Milan has. The city is great for shopping, but seeing culture is not possible. So we shopped too, we both bought a Gucci belt, Eric bought a Dsquared pull over and short jeans from Diesel. Next, to the belt, I bought lingerie at Intimissimi, great for small girls and a passport case at Victoria’s Secret.

Pizzeria PizMilaan Italië, pizzeria Piz Milaan Italië, pizzeria Piz

Next, to the shopping, you also can find good restaurants to eat. We had Pizza at Piz, not much choice, only 3 pizza’s but the pizza was very good. When we arrived we get a glass prosecco and a small pizza bite. After that we got our pizza and when we were done we got a Crema Melone, when we paid the bill, we got another drink, but we didn’t know what. The pizza itself was only €7,-. When you go to Milan you should think about this place.

Camping fun

After dinner, we went to the tent and we spend the night with a German couple who gave us a ride to Milan Central that morning. This is one of the nice parts of camping, you speak people, you meet people and when you are in a hotel or something like that you won’t meet them. But the mosquitos were thirty that night, ow damn… and they really ignored all the candles and stuff.

Outlet center Serravalle Scrivia

Nearby Milan you have a very big designer outlet center which is open almost all the time. We thought we saw everything in Milan, so we went to that outlet store. The outlet center is very big, with so many stores. When we arrived we ate some pizza in a restaurant and it was surprisingly good. In my thought, it would be bad, because it is a busy place and in places like that it is often bad, but it wasn’t. After that we went shopping, I bought jeans with stars at Calzedonia and ripped jeans from Tommy x Gigi.


Venetië met de boot

Venice, the city of romance was our second stop. On the internet we found a cheap hotel in a great location, it was a bit old-fashioned, but that doesn’t matter. There was file all over the route, so we arrived at the end of the day. We parked our car in a parking place outside the city and we went with the boat to Venice. Also, Venice has shops like everywhere, but lucky us, you can do and see so much more.

Cheap but delicious pasta at Bigio

When you want a delicious but cheap pasta, you really should visit Bigio. They make everything fresh in frond of you. You can choise between some delicious sauces, the prices are from €5,- and you can take it home or where ever you want to bring it. You can also eat it in the store itself, but that you won’t have a chair. I had pasta al Ragu and Eric had duck regout. It can be very busy, but it is worth it, it has very high scores on TripAdvisor and Google.

Great icecreams in Venetië

Finally, I found my ice cream in shape as a rose. I talked about it for the whole holiday, but I couldn’t find it. You can buy an ice cream like this at Amorino Gelato. They have a store in Venice and Milan. Another great one is Gelato di Natura, they have great flavors, but the vegano is very delicious, best vegan ice cream I had.

Disgusting action during the holidays

We experience enough and sometimes we also create it ourselves. So we ended up at a restaurant what looked nice and nice, but we had only looked on Tripadvisor, really a tip for everyone, Google first a restaurant. We had never eaten in such a bad restaurant and I would have liked to have taken pictures of how bad it was, but I really did not think about it.

As soon as we passed the order it was on the table before we had spoken. The starter, ham with melon was fine, the ratio was not right but okay. When we got the main course the starter was not gone, we got some baguette, clear from yesterday by toughness, bah. I had pasta with fruit de mer, normally that is slightly better than spaghetti from a pack with some oil and fruit the mer which I had broken shells, which led to the eating of shellfish, bah. Eric had meat, it was tough and very thin, not tasty. When we asked for the bill it took hours, after 20 minutes we did not have him … Then Eric came up with the idea to walk away, I did not dare, but it was outrageous. After 5 minutes of doubt and waiters who ignored us, we were done with it and we left without paying. I thought it was scary, but we did it anyway.

And some more pictures of Venice


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