My Barca ready outfits

Perhaps you have already seen it on Instagram, but I have worn a lot of comfortable clothes in Barcelona which looked great too! That’s why I like to share all the ins and outs of my outfit.

My shoes

The shoes where I have walked all the holidays are my espadrilles. In the beginning, they are terrible, but over time they really go a lot nicer and you do not want to do them again. Last summer I bought it from Otto and they are from the brand Vidoretta.

Read all about these shoes here.

Outfit day 1outfit barca dag 1

On day 1 I wore my new pants from Nikkie, an article will be published online. I combined this with my white top from Josh V that I had scored in the sale. And with my pink coat, I received from Add to my Wishlist. I wear it so often, I never thought I could be so fond of a bright pink coat haha.

Outfit day 2outfit barca dag 1

The second day I wore skinny jeans with zippers and tears at the knees of the Zara. I really love their pants, they do not last very long, but you pay for that too. I combined my pants with a black top of the h & m and my Hermès not to forget. Here too I wore my bright pink coat from Add to my Wishlist.

Outfit day 3outfit barca dag 3outfit barca dag 1

Again a pair of pants from the Zara, but this time a pink one. A color that I wear a lot lately, but it is also just so nice in the summer. I wore a black and white striped shirt by Nikkie and a denim jacket from an older Tommy Jeans collection. Pink may seem difficult to combine, but it is really easy. You can make a nice colorful outfit with it in a jiffy, but be careful that you keep it calm with the other colors.

outfit barca dag 4

Outfit day 4

I kept on wearing my pink trousers for a day, but this time I combined him with a shirt that I got from Add to my Wishlist with “my boss does not know I’m here” I love the shirt.


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