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A healthy life is sometimes quite difficult, that’s why I have a lot of motivational photos waiting for you. What really helped me with healthier eating was the unfolding of all pages and accounts on social media that made delicious super unhealthy food. Then I started to follow accounts that placed super healthy things and that made it easier for me to eat healthily.


healthy food healthy foodHealthy foodSmoothie bowls Healthy eating is very important, avoid hunger and listen carefully to your body. Eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, and proteins. Proteins ensure that you are full and that makes you eat less. Vegetables and some vegetables contain few calories, so you can eat a lot without it being bad. In addition, it ensures that you get your vitamins and that is also very important.


Running, in the beginning, I could not stand it, but a little cardio is very useful if you want to be slimmer and fitter. I started running through such motivational photos and I can tell you that I now find it wonderful to occasionally run a lot. The more often you do it the nicer and easier it is, you’re out and about, get a fresh nose and work on your fitness and body. What else do you want?

And who knows, with this nice weather, you will also get a tan of playing outside, what could be more fun than the gym?


Strength training remains important. You build muscle with it, but you burn a lot of calories with it and that’s always nice. Do you want to burn lots of calories quickly? Train your legs especially, because with this large muscle group you really burn the most. Squat off nicely and do some fun in the gym to completely demolish your legs and you take your buttocks here automatically.

Enjoy this motivation! Eat healthy and exercise sufficiently and make a lot of progression photos too !!


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