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Something different than the usual, but today a post about my bedroom. There will be a number of posts about this, as I have just rebuilt it and would like to share my new things with you. Recently I received a cool duvet from the Dekbed Discounter and as I had just bought a new bed, this was more than welcome.

 Duvet from

This is the duvet I chose from, when I received it he was € 80, – and at the moment he is € 25, – so the price has already dropped nicely. The fabric is really nice to sleep under and I found it super fun for my room. The nice thing about the duvet discounter is that they have a wide range of duvets in many price ranges. There are many duvets, but unfortunately, there are also a lot of away, so do not hesitate, but buying otherwise is the one you want to leave.

In the picture, I wanted to have my favorite stuffed animal, because I still sleep with a hug every night.

What do I think about

I think Dekbed Discounter is a nice company, with a wide range of duvets in different price ranges. The range is in all kinds of styles, for young and old, from men to women and for couples. They have everything, but in addition to bunk covers they have more, you can buy everything that has to do with your bed and if you place your order before 23.45, it will be delivered the next day at home.

I find online choosing a bed sheet quite difficult, the color on your screen is always different than in real life and you do not always know what to expect. With certain duvets, you also have to buy immediately, because it is sold out a day later.

But convenience serves man and that’s why I find Dekbed Discounter very easy, nice at home just before you go to sleep just order a duvet and tomorrow you have it. Do not want to do the laundry? Ask him a day out by buying a new duvet immediately.

Are you familiar with Dekbed Discounter?

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