Need college boost? Braincaps helps you, or not?

For the final exam students, the final exams are completed, for the graduates, the deadlines of the theses are met, but who knows you have another reason why you really need your concentration for studying. During my exam week, I tested Braincaps, a pill that helps you to consent while learning, but also during the preparation of your exams. Super convenient, of course, but does this really work?

Is this not dangerous?

Pills, one swallows easily, the other certainly not. I am not a pill frog and these pills are quite big, so that was just a thing, but I got them happy away. The pills are made by a doctor and they are completely safe. The main ingredient of the Boost is caffeine and the night consists of natural ingredients. On the pictures above you can read for yourself what exactly is in it.

Do the Braincaps really work?

Braincaps Boost en night

With one, it works better than with the other. I have heard from coffee drinkers that it does not work at all, while I had the idea that it worked #team tea. If you drink a lot of coffee every day you automatically get a high dose of caffeine and that can cause the Braincaps little difference.

While learning, I could really put my mobile on the side and I could learn pieces more easily. I am really someone who is quickly distracted and with these pills, I really had a whole lot less.

My resultsBraincaps Boost

After my exams I had a good feeling about it, that feeling was completely justified, I had a 7.2/10 and an 8.1/10 for two difficult subjects. This means that I have achieved my internship points and that if everything goes well I will go to CuraƧao in September to do an internship.

Well equipped with Braincaps night

During examinations that are very early, it does happen that I do not get enough sleep because I also want to go out early to see the material again. Braincaps therefore also sent me a package with Braincaps night, these capsules help you to sleep better and wake up well rested. The alarm that went off at 5 o’clock in the morning was suddenly no longer a big issue, very nice.

* This contains a collaboration with Braincaps, but this doesn’t affect my opinion about the pills.

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