Never enough pink

Some girls like it, while others hate it. Pink clothes, I love them, but I know not everyone does. Last week I told you about my new pink coat from Add to my Wishlist.

Last Wednesday I joined Eric in the wtc stairs in Almere. I will tell everything about this on Friday, but I have made these photos in Almere. We looked for a nice cotton candy on a stick, but it turned out to be untraceable, I also wanted a pink blossom tree, we could forget that too. So I put a cotton candy from a box on a stick and I have only been satisfied with a white flower tree.

In advance I never thought I would like a bright pink jacket. Recently I bought at Nikkie a black and white striped shirt with short sleeves, I liked it very much under my coat, I combined it with my kicked off Adidas Superstars and with my pants I got with a giveaway last summer and of course my little one Louis Vuitton bag.

I think it’s a shame to wear clothes for only one season, so that’s why I got pants from last season. No longer for sale for you, but with this I want to show that you do not need a whole new wardrobe every season. Waste of your money!!

On vacation to Barcelona with mom

In the meantime, I am on my way to Schiphol with Mama because we are going to Barcalona for 5 days, there is a power deposit and we barely get there. After an hour of driving we decided to continue the train. Fortunately, this one was driving and we had a delay so we did well on the flight. Soon we will enjoy tapas and wine in Barcalona. Keep an eye on my instagram for all the nice photos and things I do. I will also write a blog about it when the holiday is finished.

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