One day in Paris

Sometimes I am in for weird things and luckily my boyfriend has the same, so when went to Paris on our free Sunday for just one day. The journey took 5 hours long ride to Paris and 5 hours back, but we had an amazing time.

The way to Paris

We went left the house at 8.30 am, we wanted to leave at 8 am, but we were not fast enough haha. We had a sore throat so the first time we had to stop for gasoline we wanted something for our throat but they didn’t have anything. When we were in France we wanted some food so we stopped at another place to buy a chocolate croissant. Yes, this is not in our diet but they hadn’t anything healthy and it was our one day holiday and we can have a treat day once right?

When we came in Paris I really thought I had the right place on google maps, but I hadn’t so we were in the different part and we had to drive for half an hour more. At 2.3o pm we arrived in the right parking spot so our trip could begin.

What we did in Paris

Paris with love

We started with a lunch at a local bakery, nothing special because we were hungry. The food was good so that was nice. When we finished our lunch we walked to the Champs Elysee, the famous shopping street in Paris. We went to Ladurée of course, for worlds famous macarons. We also went to a few shops and after that, we made our way to the Eiffel Tower. And at last, we had an amazing dinner in l’Entrecôte.

Ladurée macarons

When you are in Paris you need to buy macarons by Ladurée, the most famous patisserie with the sweets in town, maybe even in the world. So we ordered some of this beauties and enjoyed this beautiful patisserie. When we came to the Eiffel Tower we eat them and we loved them.

The macarons we ordered are Raspberry, Chocolate, Orange Blossom, Liquorice, Citron, Cassis Violette, and Strawberry Candy Guimauve.

What we think of the flavors

Raspberry tasted like real raspberries, sweet but also fresh.
Chocolate was very good, I thought it would be milk chocolate but it was really good dark chocolate. My favorite.
Orange Blossom was fresh, not sweet but just like a great orange blossom has to taste.
Liquorice had a taste we recognized but couldn’t describe. Later we found out it was licorice mixed with vanilla. A nice combination we both liked.
Citron was a macaron we didn’t recognize because we expected it yellow just like in the list from the store but it was more green. It tasted like a sweet citron instead of a sour one and that was very lovely.
Cassis Viollete is a sweet macaron which is fruity with a good blue berry taste.
Strawberry Candy Guimauve is very sugary and sweet. It tasted like candy strawberries with marshmallows, this one was too sweet for us, but a candy lover will love this.
My favorite: Orange Blossom because it tasted healthy instead of candy.

Walking to the second floor of the Eiffel tower

We wanted to walk the stairs of the Eiffel tower to exercise. We thought it would be hard because everybody takes the elevator but it wasn’t hard at all. You have to walk 686 steps and that is not very hard. I walk a lot of stairs in the gym but real stairs are different from a stair machine. You can see a lot more when you are going with the stairs. You don’t need to wait very long for a ticket. It is very good for you and so nice. I don’t know why you should take the elevator. 

When you are on the second floor you can enjoy the view, which is amazing. You can go with the elevator to the top, but for me, that’s too high so we stayed at the second level. By the time we were on the second level the sun was getting lower and we had a colored sky which was amazing. When we walked back to the ground the lights went on and we had a perfectly nice lighted Eiffel Tower.

Dinner  – Le relais de l’entercôte

This is an amazing restaurant where you can get great entrecôte with fries and a nice sauce. As a starter, you get bread and a salad and after you finished it you get your main course. The restaurant is not chic or posh or whatever. There is paper over your table but the line outside tells you this restaurant is good. I wasn’t able to get any great pictures because that’s not possible is in this place, but this food is too good to don’t share it with you. As dinner, we had strawberries with chocolate and frozen profiteroles. Very bad but it tasted very good.

The way back

Around 11.30 pm we left Paris and I have to say I slept most of the time. I was a few times awake, but not long times. Around 4.30 am in the morning we came to the house of my boyfriend and we went straight to bed.

My look

Playsuit: Mode Musthaves, read here all about it.
Shoes: Ivrose
Bag: Louis Vuitton



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