Pink, my favorite color for spring

Hi girls, pink is my favorite color and it is one of the colors you must wear this spring, so that is good for me. When in Amsterdam I bought two pink items and above you can see the top I have bought. It is really easy to style, but make sure you don’t wear jeans in a color. Just let your jeans be black, white or denim. In the picture you see me wearing white jeans. It is sunny days in the Netherlands which make it okay to wear white jeans.

Pink addiction

I have to say I have something like a nail polish addiction. Mostly my nails are polished with a pink color. This was the beginning of my addiction. During the hot summer days, I have more colors in my outfits. Pink is one of the colors that make you look more tanned. Which makes it a good color to wear during the summer. Every girl wants to look tanner during the summer and the things that make you look more tanned are just so nice than. Next, to pink, light blue and green are also great colors to look more tanned, but later I’ll tell you more about what colors and how you can style that nice.

My outfit

In my outfit you see me wearing jeans from Tommy Hilfiger Demin. A top from the Zara. Socks from Wolford and shoes from Michael Kors.

I really like it to roll up the jeans legs. It makes your jeans shorter and it looks good for the summer. And when you have stylish socks, as I wear in the picture you can show them.

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