Pink jeans, my must have spring item

How have was your week? Mine was good, I worked, made a test and now I am in Groningen with my mom. About my weekend in Groningen, you’ll read next week on my blog. I already have told you I am a huge lover of pink for the spring. Well next to my pink top, I also have bought pink jeans.

For me, pink is just a happy color. When I am walking with my dog through to town, I get happy from the pink blossem trees. It just seems so lovely how they’re standing there. Maybe that color is not the pink like I wear, but my jeans kinda give me the same feeling. And I believe when you feel clothes were you get a happy feeling from and makes you feel comfortable, you get happy. Even if you are not happy at that moment. (Or something bad has to happen then it’s normal not to feel happy.)

The story of the jeans

I bought my pink jeans a few weeks ago when I was in Amsterdam with my mom. So far I remembered the only things I have bought were pink. Sounds like a pink addicted right? I have bought my jeans at the Zara at the Kalverstraat, it is not my favorite street because it is full of people and the stories are just so big. I am more a lover of small shops with fewer people. But I went to the Zara in the Kalverstraat and I saw these jeans and fell in love with it. Well, there is one more thing I don’t like in the Zara, how the people treat the clothes when there is the sale. The clothes are just everywhere, it looks not attractive at all. So okay enough about everything I don’t like haha.

How to style pink jeans?

It is very easy to style pink jeans, your jeans have to be the eye catcher, so your top has to be subtle. Dark blue, gray, white and black are perfect colors for that. But is also nice with a denim blouse or jacket. In the pictures above you can see me wearing it with a Hilfiger Denim basic top and a Hilfiger Denim denim jacket. For the shoes, the story is the same, just wear white or black shoes. I chose to wear white ones.

Xoxo Emma

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