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Online makeup shopping can be difficult, you don’t see the product so it is harder to make a good choice. Online makeup webshops are doing it great, also I could choose a foundation from their webshop, but does it work online makeup shopping?

Online shopping

First things first. Online shopping, I am not a big lover of it. I really love to go to a store and see and touch all the products they sell. Get helped by the sellers and buy more than you should buy. It is not always possible to buy everything on a store, so it is great that we have online shops now, but for me are real stores the stores I used the most.Revlon foundation

Buying makeup is always a bit hard and that is why I really need some good help from someone who knows all about it, this is what you get in a store but on the internet. For example, on a website, you see 100 different foundations in many colours, but choosing the right one is very hard because you need to make a decision form a desktop. How do you know for sure it will match the colour of your skin? There is online one answer and that is not.

Revlon foundationRevlon foundation

The brand I tested was Revlon, a brand I didn’t hear about before, but has 71 different foundations of it. So choosing the right one was not very easy, but luckily I know I don’t have a very white face and also not a very brown one, so many colours weren’t the colour for me. Next, to that, you also have foundations with a pump and without one and for different skin types.

But also that didn’t make it easier to choose the right colour, it always stays a guess. When I got the foundation from the mailman I thought it would be darker than I saw on the screen, but on my skin, it was not that dark, but more like the colour I need, lucky me, that was a good guess.

Revlon foundation review

To test this foundation I gave him the clothes test, I didn’t want to do this, but if you are that stupid like me, it will happen all the time. I felt so bad after it happend because I spoiled it on my new white dress and it was the first time I whore it. To remove the foundation I used vinegar mixed with water and after that, put I used shaving foam and a spoon to remove it, it was hard but it was nearly clean, after put it in the laundry and there was not much to see anymore. I did this test already dor you to save you the test, so don’t be so stupid like I was because it was very hard to remove it.Revlon foundation

The foundation I tested was the Colorstay Foundation with a pump for the oily skin in tint 320 true beige.

The color happily fits perfectly with the color of my skin and you also do not feel it. He is a bit thin of himself and because of that, he spreads very easily. A pump is sufficient for the whole face as soon as you spread it with your hands, I never use a foundation brush or sponge, so I do not know how much you need. Finally, it is also an advantage that you do not get a yellow/orange foundation head, but you just naturally continue to see that is still a must for me.

Have you ever buy make-up online? Or do you think it is just as hard as I think about it?

* For this article I received the foundation, this does not change my opinion about the product. For more information read the disclaimer.


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