Rosé sweater look My Jewellery

Sweaters are things I love to wear during the winter days. They are warm and easy to wear. My Jewellery has sent me this nice, black sweater with Rosé on it in pink. I am in love with it, it is big but still stylish.

Wearing-your-boyfriend’s-stuff-time is over

I read somewhere that the wearing-your-boyfriend’s-stuff-time is over because the boyfriends have smaller sizes than the girls. This doesn’t count for me, yay! So, I guess, we are back at the time where we have to buy our own oversized clothes. This sweater is a great piece for this.

I am the lucky girl who has a boyfriend with a bigger size than her. He has a small and I have an extra small, so his clothes are too big (not that much) and I can wear them. To all the girls who cannot wear their boyfriend’s stuff: I am really sorry because wearing your boyfriend’s sweaters, hoodies and things is so good.

The Rosé sweater of My Jewellery

Okay so let’s get to this sweater. It is from My Jewellery and you can style it with everything. I am wearing it with my black Hilfiger Denim Skinny Sophie and my Isabel Marant sneakers. I don’t want to have a look only in black so as a small detail I took my mom’s Goldberg hat with a fur detail on it.

Click here to shop the sweater.

This sweater is easy to style with so many things, jeans in black, grey, white, or other colours or a skirt. Even on your chill day with a jogger, it looks great – if your jogger is nice. The sweater is so soft and it keeps you warm. The pictures were taken last Sunday during our blogger meeting in Utrecht (soon more about that) and it was not even that cold without wearing a coat.

My Jewellery is a great brand, I have bought here a panther skirt before, which I love so much. It is not very expensive, but very stylish.

What do you think of this look?

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