Sandstone on the Allergiebeurs

A few weeks ago I went to the Allergiebeurs in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. I visited this event to learn more about allergen-free makeup. I got a lesson with a group in this and in the end, I got a goody bag of Sandstone filled with beautiful makeup. Today I will share my experience and something about the event.

The Allergiebeurs

The Allergiebeurs is an Anual event which is in Utrecht Jaarbeurs. This is an event filled with brands who have something with allergens. There were many gluten-free brands, vegan brands and more, but also allergen-free makeup brands, like Sandstone and especially for that I went to the event.

Sandstone Scandinavia

Sandstone is a brand which is developed in Scandinavia by a man. He developed this brand after he got an allergic skin reaction which was caused by himself. He didn’t want that his daughters used bad makeup and that is why he bought allergen free makeup for them. But these brands were very expensive, so he started developing his own brand Sandstone. After a while he made the first primer and after that many things followed. Thanks Leyla for doing my makeup

flatlay Sandstone Sandstone primerSandstone primer Sandstone makeup swatches

Here you can see the makeup I got from Sandstone. The transpirant dot is a primer, which is easy to use and didn’t shine. You can see that in the picture below. On the picture with the stripes on my hand, you can see the swacthes of the makeup. From high to low, eyeshadow in Creamy 247, eyeshadow in Red Clay 635, eye primer – invisible – and a highlighter in Gold 508. The products are very easy to apply, but for the better work, you need to apply the eye primer with your finger and not with an eyeshadow pencil.

Makeup look

I started with the eye primer and after that, I applied the color Creamy on the lowest part of my eye and I also put a bit in the corner of my eye. On the outside I put some Red Clay and that until halfway, but not that dark because I don’t like that. Just underneath my brows, I put some highlighter for a bit more shine.

What do you think about Sandstone? Did you know the brand already?

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